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Turn wasted
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Waterproofing Specialists offers a solution for waterproofing roofs while extending the use of what was once considered inefficient, unused space. Through the use of concrete pavers, roofs can now be attractive when viewed from higher elevations and at the same time provide waterproof protection from the environment, effective drainage between the pavers and the system below, and allow easy access to the roof and waterproofing system for maintenance or repairs. Waterproofing Specialists is an experienced contractor in plaza roof installation.

A Green Roof lowers energy consumption of the building it protects.

What was once a heat producing energy drain on a building can now be converted to a cooler environment through the use of the "Green Roof" technology. Waterproofing Specialists is experienced in Green Roof construction and installation through the use of unique pavers with superior reflectance and emissive values. The end result is an energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing rooftop, often complete with walkways, terraces, seating areas and garden areas that incorporate topsoil, mulch, grass and landscape plantings.